Aida Tomeh Distinguished Service Award
Ruth & John Useem
Plenary Address
Friday, April 6
Dtr. Victor Rios, 2018 Useem Plenary Speaker

Victor Rios
Professor of Sociology, Department of  Sociology
University of California, Santa Barbara

Urban Dynamism, Sociological Double-Consciousness, and Paradoxical Resistance: Towards a New Paradigm for Studying Racialized Punitive Social Control


Listen to Dr. Rios give a 2015 TED Talk
Help for Kids the Education System Ignores

The author of five books, Professor Rios's work analyzes the role of social control and education in determining the well-being of young people living in urban marginality;  tracks the social consequences of the punitive state and punitive social control-across institutional settings;  and examines young people’s resilience and responses to social marginalization.

In 2015, Victor received the Coramae Richey Mann Research Award American Society of Criminology, Division on People of Color and Crime. The Coramae Richey Mann Research Award recognizes a scholar who has made outstanding contributions of scholarship on race/ethnicity, crime, and justice.

To date, his most widely know book is Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino Boys. (2011). New York University Press. Which is the winner of such honors as:
 *Eduardo Bonilla-Silva Book Award, Honorable Mention, Society for the Study of Social Problems (2014)
*Oliver Cromwell Cox Book Award, American Sociological Association, Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities (2013)
*Outstanding Book Award, Honorable Mention, American Sociological Association, Section on Inequality, Poverty, and Mobility (2013)
*C. Wright Mills Book Award, Finalist, Society for the Study of Social Problems (2012)
*Distinguished Book Award, American Sociological Association, Section on Latina/o Sociology (2012)

Other books widely received are Project GRIT: Generating Resilience to Inspire Transformation (2016) from Five Rivers Press and Street Life: Poverty, Gangs, and a Ph.D. (2011) from Five Rivers Press.

His forthcoming book Human Targets: Schools, Police, and the Culture of Control is bound to become a classic in criminology classes as well.

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