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2018 Fall/Winter Newsletter

Check out the 2018 Fall/Winter Newsletter, The North Central Sociologist (/pdfs/newsletters/NCSA Fall 2018 Newsletter_FINAL.pdf)! ..

Colin Kaepernick, Black Resistance and Institutionalized Racism in the NFL

Colin Kaepernick, Black Resistance & Institutionalized Racism in the NFL By: Shaonta’ Allen In August 2016 Colin K ..

Spring 2018 North Central Sociologist

The Spring/Summer edition of the North Central Sociologist is not available! Click here (/pdfs/newsletters/NCSA Spring 2018 Newsletter_FINAL.pdf)t ..

The Cost of Poverty

“Rather than slashing anti-poverty programs, the fiscally prudent question to ask is: How much does this high rate of poverty cost our natio ..

Victor Rios

Professor Victor Rios delivers 2018 NCSA Useem Plenary address, urges a reconsideration of the way institutions (and academics in particular) deal ..

On losing the propaganda war...

On losing the propaganda war... “The forces that espouse racial extremism, anti-democratic messages, and lies about so-called crisis act ..

To Laptop or Not to Laptop

I know the issue of laptops in university classrooms is highly contentious, but this is worth the read...…/D ..

History in the Making...

“With a crown of stars in her hair and a toga-like dress, she's as patriotic as ever. She's also, for the first time on an officially minted ..


A poignant examination of education and the role of HBCUs. ( ..


“Perhaps the progress the civil rights movement had fought for had missed parts of the country.” ..

The Teaching Section of NCSA has several goals:

  1. Promotes, through whatever means it deems desirable, feasible, and productive, effective teaching of sociology wherever it is offered;
  2. Exhibits special sensitivity to the pedagogic problems of sociology teachers in community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and high schools, and actively promote pedagogic and scholarly efforts among them and sociology, teachers in university settings;
  3. Seeks to develop a wider range of useful and innovative classroom materials and reliable instruments for measuring teaching effectiveness; and
  4. With prior approval of Council, sponsors research related to the improved teaching of sociology as a discipline.

The Teaching Sections meets at the annual meeting to discuss teaching related items.

For information about joining the Teaching Section, contact:

Tamika Odum
University of Cincinnati

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