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Scholarly Achievement Award Due November 15th

Make sure to nominate a colleague's work, or your own for the 2016 Scholarly Achievement Award! Go to: ..

There's STILL time!

I know we said we wouldn't do it this year, but we just did! The submission portal will remain open until November 8th, 2015 at midnight. So, if trick ..

NCSA Fall 2015 Newsletter

The Fall 2015 Newsletter is now available! Click here (/north-central-sociologist-newsletter)to read about the 2016 conference, award nominations, ..

2016 Joint MSS/NCSA Meeting in Chicago

Make sure to check out and Like the joint meeting page on Facebook to stay updated on all conference information. Visit: ..

The Gift of Diagnosis

A friend of mine wrote this poignant piece on receiving and dealing with "the gift" of diagnosis. It thoroughly illuminates the experience of being of ..

Books That Help Us Teach

Join us for an invigorating discussion of the books that inspire teaching. See the flyer (/blog docs/Books That Help Us Teach.pdf)for information on t ..

How prepared are students for the workforce?

"Students consistently rank themselves as prepared in areas where employers do not agree." How do we bridge the gap? ..

Pretty Pictures and Grotesque Moments

"We had to straddle that dichotomy of making pretty pictures, but also reminding us that those moments in time were extremely, extremely violent and g ..

The Election Results Are In!!

A sincere congratulations to the winners of the NCSA election! President Elect: Debra Swanson, Hope College VP Elect: Melinda Messineo, Ball State U S ..

The Gender Gap: Stylish females vs. genius males?

An analysis of word choice and descriptions of faculty members unsurprising portrait of the persistence of gender stereotypes. https:// ..