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History of the NCSA


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The Gift of Diagnosis

A friend of mine wrote this poignant piece on receiving and dealing with "the gift" of diagnosis. It thoroughly illuminates the experience of being of ..

The History of NCSA

by Harry Potter, Purdue University

The History of the Ohio Valley Sociological Society


Past Presidents

of the Ohio Sociological Society, the Ohio Valley Sociological Society and the North Central Sociological Association


2017-2018 Annulla Linders, University of Cincinnati
2015-2017 Debra Swanson, Hope College
2015-2016 Brendan Mullan, Michigan State University
2014-2015 Matthew Lee, University of Akron
2013-2014 Lissa Yogan, Valparaiso University
2012-2013 Steve Carlton-Ford, University of Cincinnati
2011-2012 Larry Nichols, West Virginia University
2010-2011 J. I. (Hans) Bakker, University of Guelph


2009-2010 Kathy Rowell, Sinclair Community College
2008-2009 Jay Weinstein, Eastern Michigan University
2007-2008 Robert Shelly, Ohio University
2006-2007 Jay Howard, Indiana University-Purdue University, Columbus
2005-2006 Kathy Feltey, University of Akron
2004-2005 Kent Schiwrian, Ohio State University
2003-2004 Bruce Keith, United States Military Academy
2002-2003 Tom Calhoun, Southern Illinois University
2001-2002 Paula Dubeck, University of Cincinnati
2000-2001 Joseph Perry, Bowling Green State University


1999-2000 Keith A. Roberts, Hanover College
1998-1999 Marcia Texler Segal, Indiana University Southeast
1997-1998 Harry R. Potter, Purdue University
1996-1997 Robert Newby, Central Michigan Unversity
1995-1996 Vicky Demos, University f Minnesota-Morris
1994-1995 Jeanne Ballantine, Wright State University
1993-1994 Ellen K. Page-Robin, Western Michigan University
1992-1993 Dana Vannoy, University of Cincinnati
1991-1992 Reece McGee, Purdue University
1990-1991 Larry T. Reynolds, Central Michigan University


1989-1990 Marvin E. Olson, Michigan State University
1988-1989 Dena B. Targ, Purdue University
1987-1988 Laurel Richardson, Ohio State University
1986-1987 Norris R. Johnson, University of Cincinnati
1985-1986 Carolyn C. Perrucci, Purdue University
1984-1985 James Davidson, Purdue University
1983-1984 Joseph Scott, University of Notre Dame
1982-1983 Simon Dinitz, Ohio State University
1981-1982 William Faunce, Michigan State University
1980-1981 Irwin Deutscher, University of Akron


1979-1980 Sheldon Stryker, Indiana University
1978-1979 Ruth Hill Useem, Michigan State University
1977-1978 Dean K. Knudsen, Purdue University
1976-1977 Austin T. Turk, Indiana University
1975-1976 Shirley Angrist, Carnegie Mellon University
1974-1975 Marie R. Haug, Case Western Reserve University
1973-1974 Robert Perrucci, Purdue University
1972-1973 Russell Dynes, Ohio State University
1971-1972 Frank Westie, Indiana University
1970-1971 John Useem, Michigan State University


1969-1970 Dwight G. Dean, Iowa State University
1968-1969 William V. D’Antonio, University of Notre Dame
1967-1968 Delbert Miller, Indiana University
1966-1967 James B. McKee, Michigan State University
1965-1966 Albert J. Reiss, Jr., University of Michigan
1964-1965 Karl Schuessler, Indiana University
1963-1964 Butler A. Jones, Ohio Wesleyan University
1962-1963 Marvin B. Sussman, Western Reserve University
1961-1962 Wilbur B. Brookover, Michigan State University
1960-1961 Harold A. Gibbard, West Virginia University


1959-1960 Louis Schneider, Purdue University
1958-1959 Clifford Kirkpatrick, Indiana University
1957-1958 J. E. Fleming, Kent State University
1956-1957 Edgar A. Schular, Wayne State University
1955-1956 M. C. Elmer, University of Pittsburgh
1954-1955 Brewton Berry, Ohio State University
1953-1954 Harold T. Christensen, Purdue University
1952-1953 Raymond F. Sletto, Ohio State University
1951-1952 William H. Form, Michigan State University
1950-1951 J. Milton Yinger, Oberlin College


1949-1950 H. Warren Dunham, Wayne State University
1948-1949 William F. Cottrell, Miami University
1947-1948 Perry P. Denunej, Ohio State University
1946-1947 James T. Laing, Kent State University
1944-1946 Lloyd A. Cook, Ohio State University
1942-1944 Guy W. Savis, Ohio Wesleyan University
1941-1942 E. H. Sutherland, Indiana University
1940-1941 Charles R. Hoffer, Michigan State University


1939-1940 M. C. Elmer, University of Pittsburgh
1938-1939 J. E. Culter, Western Reserve University
1937-1938 Frederick E. Lurnley, Ohio State University
1936-1937 Archibald A. Johnston, College of Wooster
1935-1936 James A. Quinn, University of Cincinnati
1934-1935 J. E. Hagerty, Ohio State University
1933-1934 Reed Bain, Miami University
1932-1933 Herbert Miller, Ohio State University
1931-1932 Charles W. Coulter, Ohio Wesleyan University
1930-1931 Cecil C. North, Ohio State University


1929-1930 Issac E. Ash, Ohio University
1928-1929 Frederick G. Detweiler, Denison University
1927-1928 Charles J. Bushnell, University of Toledo
1926-1927 Earle E. Eubank, University of Cincinnati
1925-1926 Newell L. Sims, Oberlin College