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Butler A. Jones Minority Scholarship

Butler A. Jones
The Butler A. Jones Award is decided by NCSA’s Equality and Inclusion committee. Butler A. Jones dedicated his scholarship and service to social justice, with an emphasis toward advancing the status of the African American population. As such, the award honors this tradition by recognizing a promising African American student who honors the intellectual traditions of the work of Butler A. Jones. His scholarly contributions were not only focused on raising awareness regarding marginalization of minority groups, but also attempted to improve the well-being of racially subjugated groups of the United States. Further, his work compelled policy makers to think earnestly about racial equality. In the spirit of the lifetime efforts of Butler A. Jones, the Equity and Inclusion committee of NCSA invites award applications from eligible applicants. The award comes with a $400 prize, plus one year’s membership and annual meeting registration for NCSA. The award is intended to facilitate a student’s attendance in the upcoming NCSA annual meeting.  

Eligibility to receive the award:

1) The applicant must be a student, undergraduate or graduate with a major or work that is relevant to the award.

2) The applicant has to be a member of the African American community.

3) The applicant must attend the NCSA annual meeting in order to receive the award.

Application process:

1) Please submit a letter of purpose (2 pages maximum, in Times New Roman 12, double spaced, with standard margin) detailing why do you think you should receive this award. Address in the 2 pages how your participation at the meeting carries forward the tradition set by Butler A. Jones, and how winning this award would impact your success as a student of sociology or a related discipline. 

2) Please have one letter of recommendation submitted from your academic advisor or a faculty member. The person you select should address your qualifications for this award and the significance that winning this award would have on your study at your institution.

Deadline: Annually on December 15th

Please email the documents to:  Temple Smith (

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