A Balance of Teaching and Scholarship

Middle Out Economics

Working more and getting paid less...a new take on why/how this has become the American norm. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/making-sense/middle- ..

Deadline Extended to December 12th for Paper Submissions

There is still time to submit a paper for the 2015 NCSA meeting. We have extended the deadline until December 12th. Visit the submission page at h ..

Student Papers

Students seeking to present at the NCSA conference in April should submit a one page executive summary of their research. This executive summary  ..

New Issue of the North Central Sociologist

The Fall 2014 issue of the North Central Sociologist (/pdfs/newsletters/NCSA 2014 Fall Newsletter_FINAL.pdf) is now available online. Please consi ..

Butler A Jones Student Award

Butler A. Jones Award The Butler A. Jones Award is decided by NCSA’s Equality and Inclusion committee. Butler A. Jones dedicated his sch ..

Ebola...Time to Panic?

Despite the resounding message from the medical community not to panic, and newspaper columns reiterating the same, are we destined for a panic?http:/ ..

2015 Scholarly Achievement Award

2015 CALL FOR NOMINATIONS The Scholarly Achievement Award Committee solicits nominations from the membership for significant work in the disciplin ..

2015 J. Milton Yinger Lifetime Award

2015 CALL FOR NOMINATIONS The J. Milton Yinger Lifetime Award for a Distinguished Career in Sociology may be given to an individual who is ..

2015 John F Schnabel Teaching Award

2015 CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Deadline: January 1, 2015 The NCSA Teaching Committee is now calling for nominations (and re-nominations) f ..

2015 Aida Tomeh Distinguished Service Award

2015 CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Deadline: January 1, 2015 The Aida Tomeh Distinguished Service Award is an annual award recognizing an NCS ..

The NCSA is a regional sociology association including: Eastern Illinois, Indiana,  Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ontario, Canada.

The objectives of the NCSA are to further the development of sociology as a scientific and scholarly discipline through stimulation and promotion of:

1. scientific research in its defined subject matter area;
2. the widest possible and feasible utilization of the knowledge and skills of sociologists and the findings of scientific sociological research by public and private agencies in all relevant social policy issues;
3. effective teaching of the subject matter at all levels of educational endeavor;
4. interchange and cooperative relations among persons and organizations engaged in the scientific study of society; any and all such other acts as may be deemed conductive to these ends.

Membership in the NCSA shall be open to all persons interested in and subscribing to its objectives and who have been awarded or are pursuing a graduate degree or an undergraduate degree  in Sociology or in closely related fields from accredited institutions.

Persons lacking these qualifications may also become members if they present evidence of professional competence and commitment to the field of Sociology.
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