J. Milton Yinger Lifetime Award

J. Milton Yinger
Lifetime Distinguished Career Award

Congratulations to Keith Roberts, Hanover College
2012 recipient of the J. Milton Yinger Lifetime Award

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The J. Milton Yinger Lifetime Award for a Distinguished Career in Sociology may be given to an individual who is, or who has been, an active member of the NCSA; the nomination must be submitted by a member of NCSA. The principal criterion for this award is an extraordinary career in some activity that has furthered the work of Sociology as a discipline. As such the “criteria” are intentionally flexible in order to accommodate distinguished contributions to sociological scholarship, applied or public sociology that improves the quality of human life, or improvement of teaching and learning in the region and nationally. A person might be nominated for exemplary work in any one of the areas or for uncommon contributions in two or more areas.
Scholarly contributions—an extraordinary career of scholarship, expressed in publications, editorial work on behalf of sociological journals, and/or consultantships.

Public/Applied Sociology—an extraordinary career of applied sociological or public policy work:

  • in a local community or in a national or regional agency;
  • in public testimony, popular press publications, and other venues that impact public policy;
  • in public service through elected or appointed office, such that the person’s career has a beneficial impact on the life of a community.

Sociological teaching and learning—a lifetime of distinguished contributions to sociological instruction and curriculum development through:

  • the sharing of significant innovations in curriculum design, creative classroom activities, and/or development of instructional materials;
  • advancement of the scholarship of teaching and learning as indicated in a distinguished record of publication and/or research on or about the teaching of sociology;
  • a extraordinary contribution to other teachers of sociology through a distinguished record organizing
  • research sessions on teaching, creating displays, chairing panels, conducting teaching workshops, in-service
  • programs for teachers or graduate students, and/or chairing round tables on some teaching emphasis; and/or

Exemplary service within the region, such as in doing external departmental reviews.

When making nominations for the award, nominators are asked to send as much of the following as possible:

  1. a letter of nomination outlining reasons for the nomination,
  2. a vita or a listing of activities which have advance the discipline of sociology,
  3. documents supporting the nomination,
  4. supporting letters.

Send nominations to:

Robert Shelly
Ohio University
35 Brevoort Road
Columbus, Ohio 43124

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