Aida Tomeh Distinguished Service Award

.Aida Tomeh Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to Jay Howard
2013 recipient of the Aida Tomah Distinguished Service Award

The Aida Tomeh Distinguished Service Award is an annual award recognizing a member of the NCSA who has given outstanding service to the NCSA, either through a single exceptional activity, or through different activities over an extended period of time, or throughout his/her professional career. The award is named after Aida Tomeh who was a member of the faculty at Bowling Green State University from 1965 until her untimely death in 1984, following a long illness. Her undergraduate degree was from the American University in Beirut, and her PhD was from the University of Michigan (1962). Following Michigan, her faculty positions started at Bowling Green (1962), then Beirut University College (1963-1965), then back to Bowling Green, where she remained for the rest of her career. She was a regular organizer and presenter at professional meetings, on topics as far ranging as antique shopping to language maintenance among Arab Americans. Aida was especially committed to the NCSA, to which she devoted an extraordinary amount of time and energy. In addition to coordinating the mid-annual meetings of the Council which are held in Bowling Green, she served as Executive Secretary(1974-1977), Council Member-at-Large (1977-1980), and Chair of the Development Committee (1980-1984)
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The Aida Tomeh Distinguished Service Award is an annual award recognizing an NCSA member who has accomplished one of more of the following:

Service to the NCSA in a single truly outstanding activity, or service to the NCSA in many capacities and over a long period of time, or service to the NCSA throughout professional career.When making nominations for the award, nominators are asked to send as much of  the following as possible:

  • 1.   A letter of nomination outlining reasons for the nomination.
    2.   A vita and/or
    3.   A listing of activities which have fostered better teaching of Sociology.
  • The more concrete and specific the information and documentation, the stronger the nomination will be. Nominators may want to notify the person being nominated and ask him or her to send appropriate supporting materials. Anyone who has been a nominator before is strongly encouraged to re-nominate that individual, department, program, or institution.


    Send all nominating information and materials to the chair of the committee:

    Paula Dubeck

    University of Cincinnati

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